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Today technology has changed the way people converse and do their work; be it in a dinner party, sharing jokes, buying a product or executing a banking transaction, people use their smart phones and act anywhere / anytime. These miniature computers we all carry around in our pockets everyday have changed our lives. But when it comes to our children’s school, things aren’t always as conveniently and smartly done.

SkoolApp is trying to change that by providing most of the functionality within the app.

On one side it provides schools with an easy way to tell parents/carers everything that they need to know, and on other side it provides parents a very convenient way to receive information from school as well as to provide information to schools such as absence note.

Awesome Features

Alerts & Real time Updates

Daily news and Real time alerts to keep you informed on what is happening at your child’s school.

School Bus Tracking

A great Peace of mind if you could see the bus of your child’s school moving in real time and track the location.

Upload PDF’s

Easily upload PDF documents in to your app. Great for policies, newsletter, canteen menu’s and much more!

Call or Email School

Our one click menu enables you to call / email school without getting stressed about number and email address.

Canteen Menu

For mums to be relaxed by knowing what is being cooked at the school today and place the order, keeping the control in their hands as they want.

Secured Access

We know confidentiality is important. That’s why we’ve made it extremely secured to ensure only you could access your child’s information.

Stay Connected

We have integrated all of your school's social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn into SkoolApp. This will save you a lot of time by not having to browse different websites in order to access them.

Self Service

Parents can exercise various self-service options like absense form submission, Refund request or TC request. SkoolApp is a great way to interact with parents and receive regular feedback on various aspects of school life, Surveys, questionaires etc.

Tapping into Technology

There are two components of this entire solution. Mobile App and Web Portal

Mobile app called ‘SkoolApp’ works on various smartphones and tablets and it can be downloaded by users from the iTunes and Google Play stores. Once users have downloaded it, our simple registration process will link them to their child’s school as applicable.

Web Portal is for Schools as well as Parents. Both have to complete registration on this portal. The moment your child’s school has registered on this portal they will be able to share information and interact with parents and carers. This process happens very quickly and both, schools as well as parents, are able to interact in a much faster and efficient way.

Both, The Portal and The App are very user friendly. Besides our team of experts will ensure that they are available to help you as needed.

School Benefits

  • Notes are communicated securely and efficiently by schools to parents via our Skoolapp, removing frustrations of notes being delivered late or not at all.
  • One central channel of information delivery, saving you from having to manage multiple communication methods.
  • Enhances your school’s image that your school is up to speed with latest technology trends and is trying to make parent’s lives easier.
  • More reliably tracked delivery of information than voicemail, text, emails, or notes left in school bags!
  • Cost saving by removing the need of paper and printing for various letters and at the same time environment friendly.
  • Helps support and sustain a harmonious relationship with parents, helping parents to feel fully involved in their child’s education and development.

Parent Benefits

  • Parents are updated real time anywhere anytime without having to find a computer or letter box.
  • Reliability of information as it is delivered direct from school to parents
  • Enables parents to communicate easily using easy to use e-forms for absence notes, PTM requests etc.
  • Keeps reminding busy parents about upcoming events and important dates in advance
  • Reliably track school bus and order canteen food anytime anywhere.
and we also take care after school and vacation

Vacation Planner

Plan Your After School & Vacation

After School Activities Options

Vacations Activities Options


Our Client's say

“This is a wonderful application saves us a lot of money and time.” – School Principal

“Our biggest challenge was to keep parents up to date on what is happening in the school. And Skool App has reliably solved this for us.” – School Administration

“Thank you Skool App for bringing me close to my child’s education journey.” - Parent


Try Demo Version

Choose one of the stores below to download SkoolApp for your device. Once downloaded, open the app and login to our demo school ‘Kids Primary school’. You’ll be able to see just how easy it will be for parents to keep in touch with your school. Once your school is registered with us, the same version will be alive for all the interaction.


  • Username: User101
  • Password: Demo101

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